Surviving the Game as a Barbarian: Mocked The Rising of the Shield Hero

“Surviving The Game As A Barbarian,” one of the most controversial series on Isekai is mocked in a new manhwa game.

Surviving the Game as a Barbarian, a new manhwa, isn’t as contentious as the popular series Rising of the Shield Hero, but it does make fun of the well-known isekai by depicting shields in a way that deviates from readers’ expectations.

In Rising of the Shield Hero, the protagonist receives a skill or class that is thought to be entirely pointless but isn’t, following a typical pattern in the Isekai series. In Naofumi’s case, upon coming into the new world, he is given an apparently worthless weapon, and as a result, he soon finds himself the focus of a huge conspiracy.

When Naofumi realizes how useless shields are, he laments his fate and, as his life spins out of control, tries to get rid of his weapon. The strategy used in Han Tae-Soo and Jung Yun-Kang’s Isekai Manhwa, Surviving The Game as a Barbarian, is entirely different.

Surviving the Game as a Barbarian has subtle references to the Rising of the Shield Hero

The now-named Bjorn Jandel, a barbarian, remembers that the only way that a The Barbarian such as him can survive is to start out with a shield after tricking Isekai into playing an impossible game called Dungeon and Stone. Though Bjorn, unlike Naofumi, actually selects a shield and understands its significance, the manhwa spends little attention on the shield until Bjorn uses it to defeat goblins in several chapters. These moments, though, are brief. Paradoxically, Bjorn’s situation improves a few chapters later when he equips a hammer, which further pushes the shield into darkness.

In addition to this double subversion, Surviving The Game as a Barbarian adds a special twist to the overdone Isekai genre as a whole. People who inhabit the actual dungeon and the stone have different opinions about Isekai-powered heroes. They are immediately killed because they are thought to possess “evil spirits.”. Naturally, this presents Bjorn with his first significant challenge as he attempts to act as though he is not simply from another planet. Fortunately, barbarians aren’t particularly intelligent, so he can ask questions without drawing attention to himself.

Those who summon Naofumi frame him and then attempt to kill him like an “evil spirit” in Rising of the Shield Hero, which is another way that the two series are connected. This is a novel take on the summoning trope.

Some readers who have read Rising of the Shield Hero may also interpret Bjorn’s kindness toward a targeted elf as a reaction to Naofumi’s contentious relationship with Raftalia in that book, in contrast to Surviving The Game As A Barbarian’s overt jab at the relative importance of shields. It is highly recommended that Manhwa fans who are searching for a unique Isekai story read Surviving The Game As A Barbarian.

What is Manhwa?

We must tackle the question, “What is manhwa?” before we get started. Manhwa, or South Korean comics, is the clear response to that question.

Based on a linguistic perspective, the word shares a root with manga, which are Japanese comics, and manhua, which is the term for Chinese comics. The word’s literal meaning in all three languages is “impromptu sketches,” but it has come to mean comics from any source.

But as far as we Westerners are concerned, the word you use always denotes the nation of origin, so manhwa refers exclusively to South Korean comics. The beginnings of the manhwa industry started very similarly to those of manga, and even the words have similar origins. We’ve now covered the brief definition of manhwa.

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