The Aam Aadmi Family series is a humorous take on the everyday challenges and family matters of the Sharma family, which gives a light-hearted but beautiful perspective on the life of the common man. This web can be seen on Zee 5.

Manoj Bajpayee starrer series The Family Man is fantastic. In this series, it is shown that a civil service person manages the security of his country and his family simultaneously and faces many difficulties. You can watch this series on Prime Video.

The web series Ye Meri Family is a glimpse of the 90s. It shows the ups and downs in the lives of the children and other members of the Gupta family. The common man can connect a lot with this series. You can watch this series on Amazon Mini TV.

Gullak is a heart-touching story of a middle class family in which many beautiful moments are shown. In this series, his lovely story about brothers' bickering and proper use of piggy bank. You can watch this series on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The web series Panchayat is the story of an engineering degree holder, who works as a village secretary in search of a better opportunity and at the same time prepares for civil services. You can watch it on Prime Video.

Kota Factory series is based on the children of Kota. Throws light on the life of an IIT aspirant, which is a mix of struggles, dreams and friendships, and takes a look at the successes and failures of us common people in their studies. You can watch it on Netflix.

Based on the story of an upper middle class family, Mind the Malhotra depicts the struggles in the family. Along with this, the relationship between husband and wife has also been shown beautifully in this series. You can watch this series on Amazon Prime Video.

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