Art's definition is diverse, covering emotional expression to various forms of representation.

AI's integration in art spans mediums like images, music, videos, distinct from traditional digital art.

AI, notably through GANs, can create art sometimes on par with or surpassing human-made art in aesthetics.

Debate focuses on whether AI-generated art qualifies as genuine due to its lack of human emotional input.

Harvard professors hold varied views; some emphasize human insight's irreplaceable role in art.

AI is seen as an evolving tool akin to historical tech advancements that initially faced resistance.

Defining art remains complex, leading to circular discussions regarding AI's role in creation.

Artists remain pivotal; while AI aids creation, the human touch is crucial for depth and essence.

AI tools, like image generators, are viewed as part of an artist's toolkit, aiding in the creative process.

Core debate: Despite AI's potential, human emotions and experiences are seen as crucial for genuine art creation.