Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui, and Ayesha Khan are at the center of the episode’s plot.

Mannara has ongoing issues with Munawar and Ayesha’s growing bond, leading to frequent altercations.

Ayesha Khan has become Munawar’s priority, affecting his friendship with Mannara.

Ayesha Khan faints

Amidst tension, Ayesha experiences health issues and faints in the house.

Ankita Lokhande informs Munawar about Ayesha’s condition.

Mannara suggests lime juice or coffee to help Ayesha’s low blood pressure, but Ayesha refuses.

Ayesha feels uneasy while sitting with Munawar and Neel Bhatt in the garden area.

Munawar requests Bigg Boss to let Ayesha meet the doctor.

Ayesha faints while walking to the medical room, and housemates rush to her aid.

Mannara complains about Ayesha and Munawar’s behavior to Ankita, expressing doubts about Munawar’s genuineness.