Infosys Applied AI:

Part of Infosys Topaz, it helps enterprises adopt a complete approach to scaling enterprise-grade AI. It meets AI, analytics, and cloud to deliver new business solutions and perceptive experiences.

Integrated Offering:

Infosys Applied AI future-proofs and efficiently scales AI investments across the organization while managing risks. It allows businesses to readily access, deploy, and contextualize services from the Applied AI cloud.

Generative AI Labs:

Empowers everyone within and beyond enterprises to lead the generative revolution. It encourages innovative change by making AI-driven ideas a reality.


Infosys collaborates with NVIDIA to boost productivity through generative AI. It also expands its alliance with Google Cloud to help enterprises transform into AI-first organizations.

AI and Automation Consulting:

Infosys provides evaluation, AI maturity assessment, CoE setup, use case discovery, business case creation, and change management services.

Automation Ecosystem:

Infosys sets up automation ecosystems, focusing on operational excellence, RPA, chatbot factory models, and implementing use cases.

AI Case Studies:

Infosys offers a vast array of AI case studies, videos, whitepapers, and resources to provide insights into the latest automation trends.

Global Leadership:

Infosys is positioned as a leader in IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023.

Innovation at Scale:

Infosys demonstrates how data analytics, blockchain, IoT, and AI models can predict demand, consumption, and price for trading companies, streamlining business processes.

Ethical AI:

Infosys ensures compliance with ethical norms while navigating the AI journey.