Leave the World Behind teaser: Julia Roberts gets ready for the end of the world.

The teaser for Sam Esmail's post-apocalyptic thriller "Leave the world Behind" is now available on Netflix.

The movie, which stars Mahershala Ali, Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and Kevin Bacon among its ensemble cast, is based on Ruman Alam's 2020 book of the same name.

In the trailer, a family's vacation is interrupted by two strangers who are fleeing a horrifying cyberattack that is getting worse.

Serving as executive producers on the movie are Barack and Michelle Obama.

The movie will debut on October 25 as the AFI Fest's opening picture, at least in a few theaters on November 22, and on Netflix on December 8.

Fans have responded favorably to the teaser, expressing excitement for the movie and its stellar cast.