Poonam Pandey Hot Live Video canceled said nation first.

Poonam Pandey Hot Live Video was canceled because recently controversy has engulfed all the celebrities in India, and even the Prime Minister was made fun of by the leaders of the Maldives.

How these controversy started

Recently, the country’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, visited Lakshadweep. He talked about why people should visit the islands in India. As soon as this video went viral across the world, the leaders of the Maldives started targeting India.

He said many abusive words about India, which hurt not only the Indian celebrities but also the Prime Minister of the country. In such a situation, Indians, showing their anger, decided not to go to the Maldives and started canceling their hotel tickets and flight tickets.

Poonam Pandey Hot Live Video Link

Poonam Pandey Hot Live Video: Indian adult star Poonam Pandey also gave her statement in this controversy. She said to explore the islands of India only.

While sharing on her Twitter (X) handle, Poonam Pandey said that I have canceled shooting my Poonam Pandey Hot Live Video in the Maldives, and I will never go to Maldives to shoot my Poonam Pandey Live Video. Poonam Pandey has also shared screenshots on social media while talking to her production member.

Poonam Pandey said, “I love shooting in the Maldives, but I will never shoot in the Maldives again. When I was scheduled to shoot my next shoot in the Maldives, I told my team that I would not fly if this shoot got stuck in the Maldives. Fortunately, they agreed and are now hoping to shoot in Lakshadweep.”

Bollywood celebrities also shared their opinions.

Janhvi Kapoor: Janhvi Kapoor Shared a story on Instagram and wrote, “Are these pristine blue waters real? How beautiful is Lakshdweep! So glad to see this treasure in our country is getting the attention it deserve, cant wait to #exploreindianislands”

Sara Ali Khan: Sara Ali Khan She shared her story on Instagram and wrote, “After all the north Indian expeditions I have taken you to make me explore the islands and jungles of our country.”

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