Anjali Arora Boyfriend Kon Hai: Anjali’s boyfriend gives competition to Bollywood actors

Anjali Arora Boyfriend Kon Hai: These days, it is quite easy to become famous on social media. People are very excited to know about the lives of famous actors and actresses. In such a situation, there are a lot of rumors about famous personalities being in a relationship with someone.

Today we are going to talk about one such famous social media influencer who, along with her looks, has also been involved in many controversies. Yes, we are talking about ‘Kaccha Badam’ girl Anjali Arora.

How did Anjali Arora become famous?

Anjali had posted a video of the song ‘Kaccha Badam’ on her Instagram account a few years ago, due to which she became famous overnight. Her followers started increasing rapidly on social media.

The video went so viral that Anjali got calls from many shows, and we saw Anjali in Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Up.

Anjali Arora and Munnawar controversy

Seeing Anjali in the show, her fans were very happy due to which she also got a lot of praise. In the show, Anjali Arora was also seen getting close with fellow contestant Munnawar Faruqui. Anjali started spending time with Munnavar and because of that Anjali even proposed to Munnavar, but Munnavar rejected her due to being in a relationship.

Anjali Arora Viral video

After coming out of the show, Anjali Arora’s mms video went viral. A boy was seen getting intimate with Anjali. Anjali was greatly supported by her family and followers and finally that video was removed from the internet. Anjali clarified on social media that the girl seen in the video is not her but someone else.

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Anjali Arora Boyfriend kon hai: People are searching

People are very eager to know “Anjali Arora Boyfriend Kon Hai” who is Anjali’s partner. Anjali’s boyfriend is so smart that people even compare him to Bollywood actors. Not only girls but boys also searching “Anjali Arora Boyfriend Kon Hai“.

Anjali’s boyfriend’s name is Akash sansanwal. Anjali has introduced Akash to her lover. When Anjali Arora was going through bad times due to her MMS, Akash stood by her and proved his true love. Due to this, Akash has become very popular among girls.

What does Akash Sansawal do

Akash is also a social media influencer like Anjali. He posts daily reels on his Instagram. Apart from this, Akash also handles the Instagram handle of South Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri in which he uploads his photos and videos.

Akash Sansanwal has a total of 34k followers on his Instagram account. And he shares reels and photos with Anjali on his account.

21st June 2021 is the day when Akash shared his first photo with Anjali. Looking at the photo, it becomes clear that both of them are at a hill station.

Anjali and Akash are in a relationship for almost 2 years. Both share their lovely moments on Instagram. Anjali is 22 years old and there is no idea of Akash’s age.

Where were they both seen together?

If seen, Akash had posted a photo with Anjali on his Instagram and told everyone that we are together, but even before the photo was shared, they were spotted at Mumbai Airport. At that time Anjali had gone to receive Akash.

When are both going to get married?

Anjali doesn’t stop praising Akash. Once said in an interview that Akash is very intelligent and supportive. Both are living their lifestyle in a luxurious manner. However, both of them have no plans of marriage at present.

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