Anjali Arora bought a new house worth crores in Delhi and Shared a beautiful video of house

‘Lock Up’s’ Anjali Arora is very happy. The house she recently purchased in Delhi is valued at Rs 4 crore. Anjali completed the puja at home as well. whose video has also come to light. She also gave her parents a fancy car this year.

Anjali, a social media celebrity who rose to fame on Kangana Ranaut’s reality show “Lock Up,” is becoming more and more popular every day. Now, the actress will begin her career in Delhi. Their happiness knows no bounds now that they’ve purchased their dream residence. At a cost of Rs 4 crore, Anjali Arora purchased a lavish home for herself in Delhi. Anjali recently had a puja performed in the new home; the video was also circulated. “Arora House” is the name she gave her new home.

A few days ago, Anjali Arora, 22, came back from her Char Dham Yatra. For her, 2023 has been a very fortunate and successful year. This year, Anjali Arora worked on numerous projects and music videos. gave her parents a brand-new car as a gift and has since purchased a crore-rupee home for herself. Even at the age of 22, Anjali Arora has come a long way. Anjali Arora reportedly has a net worth of approximately Rs 8 crore at the moment.

Anjali Arora shared the video of house warming

Anjali Arora enjoys a devoted fan base. She currently has 13.2 million Instagram followers. She occasionally shares dance videos and music with her fans, in addition to her endearing photo sharing. She also recently posted a video of the puja in the new home. In addition, she sent the fans an invitation to the housewarming party.
Anjali Arora Doing Puja in the house.

What is Anjali Arora doing now?

Regarding the professional front, Anjali was recently spotted filming a new project alongside Elvish Yadav, the winner of “Bigg Boss OTT 2.” She also has some projects and reads scripts aside from this.

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