How to play the Tsuji Ura game | Tsuji Ura the haunted fortune game: real or fake??

You are welcome to read our new article. Today, we are going to talk about horror games. You must have heard about horror games like Ouija board, elevator games, etc. Another such horror game is very much discussed these days, and the name of this game is Tsuji Ura.

So in today’s article, we will talk about this game. We will also discuss how much truth is there in this. Just by hearing the name, you might have guessed that Tsuji Ura is a Japanese word and refers to the notes that are kept in rice crackers in Japan.

You can compare this with fortune cookies, where you might have seen that when you open the cookie, you get notes, etc. Written on paper, which tells about your fortune. Now, by playing this game, Tsuji Ura, you also get to know your future. Yes, that is why this game is also called The Fortune Game or Crossroads Division.

Where and how many players can play Tsuji Ura?

Only one person can play this game at a time, and apart from two players, there can be spectators here. The requirements of the game are also very simple; the player has to make only three arrangements.

First of all, the player has to buy a comb that has good teeth. Then he needs some cloth or paper so that he can easily cover his face. Finally, the player has to find a place that is a crossroads. A crossroads from where roads go in all four directions.

The game starts after midnight, when the player has to go to the intersection and also bring a comb and face cover with him. After this, the player will make sounds from the teeth of the comb. The player has to repeat the same thing three times by moving his fingers, which is “Tsuji Ura, Tsuji Ura, Grant Me a True Response.” After completing this entire process, the player has to wait there.

First Response Possibility:

Right now, there are three possibilities for responses. Even after a few minutes of the entire process of the first possibility, no one would be visible around there, nor would there be any extraordinary activities. In such a situation, the game has failed, and the player will have to start again.

Second Response Possibility:

The second possibility is that the player will see a known man coming towards him. Well, in this case also, the game failed, and the player will have to start again.

Third Response Possibility:

But in the third possibility, the player may see an unknown person coming towards him. And this means that the game was successful. As soon as this happens, the player has to immediately cover his face with that face cover. The player has to keep in mind that under no circumstances should he remove this face cover from his face. So within a few seconds, the player will feel that the unknown man has now come very close to him. In such a situation, the player can ask for his fortune from that unknown person.

How do you ask for a fortune?

The next thing to be kept in mind here is that the player should not be rude or ordered but should be asked politely. After asking your fortune while making a request, here again, three possibilities come up.

First Possibility:

The first possibility is when the unknown person does not give any answer. In such a situation, the player has to wait until the unknown person leaves. The player can remove his face cover. In this case, he will have to play the entire game again.

Second Possibility:

Another possibility is that the unknown person will answer but will refuse to tell the player’s fortune. In this case also, the player has to wait for the unknown person to leave, only after which he can remove his face cover. The game will be restarted.

Third Possibility:

But the third possibility is that the unknown person will tell the player something about his fortune. In this case, the game is successful, and the steps are to be followed the same way, where the player can remove his face mask only after the unknown person leaves. And one small thing that has to be kept in mind is that when the unknown person tells the fortune, the player must thank him.

So now that the player knows some things about his future, he can do whatever he wants with this information.
The future may be said to be good, or it may also be bad. But how to act on this completely depends on the
player. Now you will remember that I told you that only one person can play this game at a time but people
can definitely watch it from a distance.

Rules for the spectator:

Well, the rules for the spectators are that firstly, they have to maintain pin drop silence, and they also have to bring face covers with them so that the spectators cover their faces when they see the unknown person and cover their faces only when the unknown person must have gone.

What will the consequences be if you remove your face cover?

Now here is a question that must be coming to your mind: if a player does not follow the rules of the game, i.e., he removes his face cover in front of a stranger, then what will be the result? According to legend, the consequences could be very bad. Some bad and unordinary incidents will start happening in the player’s life, or the player may get injured at that very moment. And worst case player may also lose his life.

What could be the fortune told by the stranger?

Now it is said that in general, if a player follows all the rules properly, an unknown person can even talk to him. Still, this game is dangerous for him. Because the players’ fortunes, which are said to be useful, are quite dark or disturbing. In such a situation, the player starts going through mental stress thinking about his future, the result of which can be anything.

Two incidents were shared by users on Reddit:

Here I will tell you two cases which I have read on Reddit and although I do not find any truth in them, they
are still interesting to hear.

First Story:

So the first case was of four friends of James who played the Tsuji Ura game jokingly. All five of them go to a crossroads at 3:00 in the night and complete the rituals. James was making fun of this game again and again, and no one was covering their face. Then a person who was wearing a black hood came to James and said, I will tell you what death will be. Saying this, this man attacks them.

But these five people ran away from there. A friend had recorded this entire incident on his phone, but when he checked back the recording, he could not see any black-hooded person. Well, a few days had passed after this incident, and everything was normal.

One day, James sees the same black-hooded man who had a knife in his hand and was threatening James creepily. James gets very scared by this incident, and he asks the others about it. Everyone said that they also saw that black-hooded person somewhere sometimes, and he did not harm any of them.

Now, with time, these friends have gone their separate ways. In fact, James has gone to another country, but until
today, James sometimes sees that black-hooded person who does not do anything to him but keeps haunting him.

Second Story:

Now the second story is of Bela, who had gone alone to perform this ritual, and she also forgot to cover her face. In such a situation, Bela was attacked by an unknown person. Now, although Bella ran away from there, that night was definitely terrifying for her. One good thing is that nothing like this happened again with Bella. Now, apart from these two cases, there are many more cases where players say that they actually found out their fortune, which in most cases is dark and creepy.

Tsuji Ura: Real or Fake?

Now, by this point, there must be only one question roaming in your mind: the urban legend of Tsuji Ura Game
really real? Well, before we give our opinion, we want to tell you something. Look, cross-roads are very significant in many cultures. Example: In many places, people believe that werewolves transform at the crossroads.

Many people believe that dark rituals are performed only at crossroads. It is at the crossroads that the connection between the living and the dead worlds occurs, through which souls come to our world. Witches and wizards also perform their rituals at crossroads. In fact, a demon also connects to a human at the crossroads. Now, because of the intersection, you can clearly see the path all around. Many people also connect it with seeing the future. The point is that in many cultures, the crossroad is very significant, and in Japanese culture, it is also very much connected with evil.

You all must have seen the film Grudge, where horror elements were used a lot in the hair. So by combining these two thoughts, a fabricated game was created. By playing the comb at the crossroads, an unknown person will tell you your future. Stories of such urban legends are very interesting to hear, but they have no useful connection with reality. So yes, we believe that these are all just fabricated stories, which seem interesting.

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