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Kantara 2 first look breakdown

Recently, the first look teaser for Kantara 2 has arrived. So today, we will break down this teaser and talk about the expected storyline and content of Kantara 2. The first question that comes to mind after watching the Kantara 2 teaser is whether this film is a sequel or a prequel. Well, Kantara 2 is like a prequel.

The story of Kantara 2 is set in the time of Kadambaaz. Kadambaaz is basically a royal family line of ancient Karnataka whose rule was around 345 and 540 CE. For now, if we focus on the Kantara 2 first look, then in the very beginning we see Shiva’s character running after an animal in the forest. Most likely, it would be a bore representing Panjorli Deva.

After this, a fire circle is formed around Shiva, like in the previous Kantara movie. And then they are able to hear the iconic Laud voice. Here, the gods are saying that this is not an ordinary light but a darshana, i.e., vision. The past, present, and future will shine with this light.

Well, from these lines, we understand that most probably we will go to the past from Shiva’s POV. That means a step later in time. Further in the teaser, we can see a rocky place where light is coming from above. It is also made like a red-colored fire circle. Here we find a blood-soaked human being, or there could be a God that we don’t know.

kantara 2

We can see him in an incarnation like Lord Shiva. We can clearly see the Trishul in the frame. Also, Rishabh Shetty has an amazing look. At this point, the teaser ends. Let us tell you the history in short here so that you can understand its connection with Kadambaaz. So the word Panjorli comes from the Tulu word panji da kulle.

Lord Pajorli’s Story

In history, what happens is that five young wild boars are playing when one of them gets separated. Parvati Ji takes the separated boar with herself to Mount Kailash and keeps it with her. Gradually, this boar started growing, and his teeth grew, due to which his teeth started itching. The unbearable itching forced him to destroy crops all around. In such a situation, Lord Shiva gets very angry, and hence he sends boar to the earth.

From here, Panjorli Deva started protecting people’s fields, grains, etc. Now you may find many more variants of this story, but the basic story will remain quite similar to this one.

Now if we talk about Gulia Deva, once Parvati ji finds a stone inside the ashes on Mount Kailash, Parvati Ji takes this stone to Shiv Ji and throws it away from Shiv Ji. Out of this, Gulli is born, who is sent to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu ji tells Gulia Deva that he will be born from the womb of Neela Bhola Shankar.

So when Neela Ullas Shankar is pregnant—she is nine months old—she asks Gulia Deva to come out. Gulia Deva asks her how to come out, and she says, You come out normally. But Gulia’s deva tears her stomach and comes out, and after coming out, he was very hungry. Due to hunger, he starts eating everything. At one point, he even goes to eat the sun.

Gulia Deva drinks the entire water of Vishnu Ji’s lake. Even the blood of an infected elephant does not fill their stomach. In such a situation, Lord Vishnu gives him his little finger. Which finally fills their stomach. After this incident, Gulia Deva was pacified and sent to Earth.

Here he protects the temples, etc., and the old land, and perhaps this is the reason why he was also called Kshetrapal.

Now this has happened twice. There are many other gods, like Kora, Gaja, etc., whose stories are similar. Now let me tell you two specific stories so that you can understand them. The story of Deva is connected to Lord Shiva somewhere. This is the reason why you will now be able to see the Om symbol in the title of Kantara.

Coming to Kadambas well, this kingdom was established by Raja Mayur Sharma in 345 BC. Now his story is also linked to Lord Shiva in some way or another.

Yes, if we believe the legends, then the origin of Kadambass is Trilochana Kadamba, who had three eyes and four hands. That is why his attire slightly matches that of Lord Shiva and the name of the kingdom, Kadamba. By the way, Mayur Sharma is Trilochana’s son.

Now this is another story according to which Mayur Sharma is the son of Lord Shiva. Basically, you will find many variations in their history, but the presence of Lord Shiva is common in all of them.

Example: In the story of Gulia Deva, there is no mention of Neela Shankar in many places.

At present, you must have understood the reasoning behind Rishabh Shetty’s look like Shivji. His story is going to be based on these legends in some way or another. We will be shown the origin of Deva.

We will be told the full story later. Also, during his rule, we will be shown how the gods used to protect the place or kill the sinners. Another possibility could be that maybe we are shown a small story from there. Let’s see what they show us in the movie.

Well, preparations are also going on online for Rishabh Shetty’s look, which depicts Lord Parshuram. We don’t think so, but if it is possible, then the story will take a slightly different turn. We all know how Lord Parashurama stopped even the ocean by throwing his axe.

The area where this happened is considered to be Parashuram area, which goes down from Gokarnath almost to Kanyakumari. Meaning, a little earlier, Tulu Nadu, i.e., Udupi Kundapur, Mangalore area also comes under this region.

It is believed that due to the axe of Lord Parshuram, the sea waves there never destroy the people; they will not even reach the habitable land. So if this plot is adapted, then it will be interesting to see how the Deva of Tulu Nadu will be linked to it.

There will be many such British and local sagas on which a very interesting film can be made. Now the first film Kantara was a very low budget film but Kantara 2 film is almost made for Rs 100 crores. That means this is a high budget film and that is also visible in the first look. So this movie could be good enough.

Kantara 2 Cast :-

Rishabh Sheety
Sapthami Gowda
Urvashi Rautela
Achyuth Kumar

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