Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized. Who poisoned Dawood?

Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has been admitted to the hospital, and doctors are saying that his condition is critical. Many posts with such claims go viral on social media; according to the media, some unknown person has poisoned him. However, no official information has come regarding this news.

Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized?

According to the report of Divesh Singh associated with India Today, Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized in a critical condition in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. On December 18, news came that Dawood had been admitted to the hospital for two days. Tight security has been maintained in the hospital for Dawood. No other patient has been kept on the floor where Dawood is being treated. Only hospital staff and close relatives of Dawood’s family are allowed on that floor. This information has been written in the report of Divesh Singh by someone from Dawood’s gang.

Dawood Ibrahim

Mumbai Police is trying to get more information by interrogating underworld don’s relatives Alisha Parker and Sajid Waghale.

People’s opinions on the news

Apart from this, people are making different claims on social media regarding Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized. On one post, user Sandeep Neel wrote, “The Dawood Ibrahim poisoning story seems to be based on this disinformation campaign, similar to the recent Sajid Mir poisoning story, which came out a couple of weeks ago. They had declared Sajid Mir dead a few years ago but had to retract, arrest, prosecute, and jail him due to US pressure, as he was on the FBI’s most wanted list. FYI, he is still on that list, which means he is still alive.”

No official news regarding Dawood

However, till the time of writing this post, no official information has come from the Indian or Pakistani Embassy regarding Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized. Pakistani media is also running this news, quoting from social media only. It is being said that Dawood has been poisoned by some unknown person.

And apart from all this, according to the Pakistani newspaper Drone, social media servers have been slowed down in many areas of Pakistan. According to the newspaper, social media platforms are having difficulty running in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

However, the reports are not directly linking it to the news poisoning Dawood. Internet monitoring website NetBlocks wrote in a tweet that these problems started appearing during the event organized by opposition leader Imran Khan’s party, PTI.

Dawood Ibrahim is a 56-year-old fugitive who is hiding in Karachi, avoiding investigation agencies around the world. However, Pakistan has always denied that Dawood is taking refuge in Pakistan.

Even before this, it was announced that Dawood was suffering from a serious illness. According to earlier reports, Dawood was admitted to Karachi Hospital due to gangrene, and two of his fingers were cut.

Mumbai 1993 attack

Dawood was the mastermind behind the serial blasts in Mumbai in 1993. After the blast, he fled to Dubai and has been living in Pakistan since then.

1993 Mumbai Attack

In 2011, Dawood was described as the world’s most wanted criminal on the FBI and Forbes lists.

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