Adani Wilmar Shares Dip 3% to Reach a Year-Low: Market Turbulence Unfolds

Gautam Adani‘s the two-day surge in Adani Wilmar shares has come to an end as of today, November 20th. The stock fell 2.71 percent, hitting 287 rupees, the one-year low. Today, November 20, Adani Wilmar Limited saw a decrease in its shares, which put an end to their two-day upward trend. At 287 rupees, the stock’s one-year low, it fell by 2.71%. About 15% has been removed from the share price in the last month, and the price has decreased by 52% year to date. The Adani Group is allegedly in talks to sell its entire 43.97% stake in a number of multinational consumer goods companies, according to reports that have caused a decline in share price interest in Wilmar Adani.

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Experts examining the technical configuration speculate that the counter seems “weak.” About 283 rupees was the amount of immediate support visible on the counter. DRS Finvest’s founder, Ravi Singh, stated: “The share is exhibiting weakness and may soon drop to levels around 265 rupees. The resistance in the vicinity of
the higher levels might be about 295 rupees.” “Adani Wilmar is in a bearish position, but the daily chart indicates overbought conditions with strong resistance at 303 rupees,” said Tips2Trades’ AR Ramachandran. It is only after it closes above this resistance level that investors should think about purchasing. Roughly 283 rupees could be the next support.

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Anand Rathi Shares and Stock Brokers’ Jigar S. Patel, a technical research analyst, stated: “The counter is consistently making lower lows, indicating a well-established bearish trend.” As we proceed, 250 rupees
will be considered a strong support, and 350 rupees could provide significant resistance. Roughly 250 rupees should be expected as support.

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The Adani Wilmar trading range for the next month may be centered around 350 rupees. Claiming to have lost money on the Dakshin Company’s story, Chhota Shakeel was served with a formal complaint in Mumbai. Poor financial results were reported for the second quarter of the 2014 fiscal year, indicating a 13.3%/43.4% yearly decline in revenue/EBITDA and an adjusted loss of 77.2 crore rupees.

Annual edible oil quantity increased by 4%, while Saffola edible oil faced a 19% decrease, which is comparatively lower in single-digit terms,” said Nuwama Institutional Equities. The value fell by 12% in the same quarter.

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