Agro Vision Nagpur 2023| Farmers are getting new energy from new inventions|

What is Agro Vision?

A socially conscious but apolitical non-governmental organization called “Agro vision Foundation”
was founded in 2015 with the goal of advancing the state’s and particularly Maharashtra’s, Vidarbha
region’s agrarian economy.

The Agro vision Foundation has been operational for the past eight years. The agricultural sector in Vidarbha has been greatly successful in becoming more diversified, as it was previously dominated by a small number of crops such as oranges, rice, soybeans, and cotton. Vidarbha was frequently referred to as the suicide capital because of the high number of farmers who commit suicide as a result of crop failures brought on by droughts, excessive rains, pest outbreaks, or climate change.

As a result, the Agro vision foundation implemented a number of new initiatives within the agricultural
system to raise cultivators’ standard of living and motivate them to engage in alternative or
complementary agricultural pursuits. For instance, dairy farming has become established in the area
as a result of NDDB’s effective market interventions.

Farmers’ confidence increased when their cash flow improved due to the diversification of their field crops into oil seeds, pulses, medicinal plants, commercial bamboo cultivation, and fruit crops like pomegranate and custard apple. Nowadays, financial Support from fisheries, poultry, and goatry has also gained appeal. Value chain management training helped the farmers manage the production process from marketing.

In order to support and empower farmers, the AF has been holding workshops, demonstrations, and training sessions on a regular basis.

New inventions are providing new energy to Saurabh Patil Wadi farmers. This is on display at the Agro vision exhibition, which is being held in Dabha, Wadi.

The third day of Agro vision’s exhibition was spent in progress. About 500 stalls have been set up in this area, with resolutions based on technological innovations sparked by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s varied ideas. Information regarding subsidy programs and newly invented machinery is also provided to farmers by the younger generation.

Bamboo products

Bamboo has been used to create new inventions by the Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board in Nagpur.
Training the artisans has been the first step towards manufacturing. Artists are getting jobs because of this. Bamboo has been used to create a wide variety of products, such as bamboo diaries, frames, pen stands, lamps, flower pots, cups, and glasses. Twenty percent is made of sugarcane powder, twenty percent is plastic binding, and sixty percent is bamboo powder. Farmers are receiving bamboo as part of the Atal Bamboo Samriddhi Yojana Subsidy.

Nano Urea:

Nanourea can be used in place of traditional urea and has undergone development. It can cut the need for conventional urea by at least half. It holds 500 milliliters. The nitrogen content of one bottle of urea is forty thousand mg/litre, which is equivalent to the nitrogen nutrients found in one bag of regular urea. A liquid fertilizer called Nano-Urea Liquid gives plants nitrogen. The Prime Minister represents Nano Urea as a brand ambassador.

Potter’s wheel for the potter:

The advent of new technology has given potters a fantastic opportunity. With the aid of Potter Wheel, 10,000 potters have found work. The potter’s wheel aids potters in creating a wide variety of earthenware pots. The Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrialization Institute is the creator of this invention. This has benefits for potters in six states.

Tractors running on CNG:

At agro vision in Nagpur, the first CNG mono fuel tractor was unveiled. CNG tractors set new benchmarks in alternative engine technology for agriculture by providing power and performance comparable to those of diesel-powered tractors. When it comes to emissions, CNG tractors outperform diesel tractors by nearly 70%.
3.5 dB quieter than diesel tractors, engine vibration helps to lower noise levels.


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