Natasha Jonas Unbelievable victory in Olympics | Natasha Jonas created history in 2023 Olympics

The first black female boxer, Natasha Jonas, represented Britain in the Olympics

Natasha Jonas, a British professional boxer, was born on June 18, 1984. She is a two-weight world champion and has held the WBO and WBC female light-middleweight titles since 2022.

Natasha Jonas placed third in the lightweight division at the 2012 AIBA World Championships, fourth in the light-welterweight division at the 2014 European Championships, and third in the light-welterweight division at the 2011 European Championships as an amateur.

After starting boxing in 2005, Natasha Jonas won five ABA Championships for Liverpool club Rotunda ABC in the 64 kg division by 2010. She was the first female boxer to compete in GB Boxing in 2009.

She defeated Csilla Csejtei of Hungary in the final of the 2009 Women’s European Union Amateur Boxing Championships in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, to win gold in the 64 kg class.

In front of her home supporters at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, Jonas won an exciting bout against rival Amanda Coulson by a single point at the first-ever GB Amateur Boxing Championships in 2010.

2012 World Amateur Boxing Championships for Women by AIBA

natasha jonas

In May 2012, Natasha Jonas made history in Qinhuangdao, China, when she advanced to the semifinals of the 2012 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, making history as the first female boxer from Britain to qualify for an Olympic Games. She then returned to Liverpool with the bronze medal and an Olympic spot for London.

Natasha Jonas, a boxer, is now the first black woman manager in Britain. It can be inferred from his boxing career that he only needed to wait 14 years to get to this point. But a closer examination of this journey will
highlight their difficulties.

Natasha reveals that her mother was only fifteen years old when she gave birth. She claims, “People told my mother to have an abortion when I was going to be born.” But I was born of my mother.

According to her, there was a belief at the time that a woman from a black family could only accomplish a limited number of things. However, Natasha’s mother never prevented her from pursuing her goals.

As the first person in the family to attend college, Natasha did just that. “I always wanted to be a football player, and football gave me the chance to study sports at an American university,” she says.

Natasha Jonas was happy for a short while, though. He had to return to Britain after sustaining a knee injury while playing in America.

But he began boxing as soon as he got back. It took him just five years from the start of his career to make his international debut. In 2009, she became the first female athlete to represent the United Kingdom.

Natasha had a bad first experience. She claims that Henry Cooper, a former boxer, competed in that competition as well.

Natasha claims that Cooper would turn away the moment a female boxer entered the ring. She does, however, look up to former female boxer Jane Cooch, who successfully fought to lift the prohibition on women’s boxing in 1998.

Natasha became the first female boxer to represent Britain in the Olympics in 2012 as a result.

The first British female athlete to win Fighter of the Year

Natasha made history by becoming the first female boxer to win the British Boxing Fighter of the Year after enduring much hardship.

The IBF women’s light-middleweight champion at the moment is Natasha. In addition, she started to serve as an inspiration to her sister.

Ten years her junior, Nikita Paris is a Manchester United football player and 71-time England women’s team representative.

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