Who is Shura Khan? Arbaaz Khan is set to marry Shura khan after breakup with Giorgia Adriani

Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan and makeup artist Shura Khan are scheduled to get married on December 24. Intimate family and friends from Mumbai will be present at the wedding. They got together while filming “Patna Shukla,” his latest movie. Malaika Arora was the former spouse of Arbaaz Khan. Nineteen years after getting married in 1998, the couple filed for divorce on May 11, 2017, after announcing their separation in March 2016.

The couple had reportedly broken up last year, although they had remained silent about the rumors. After some time, Arbaaz and Giorgia were spotted cuddling at an IPL game in Mohali in April 2023 between Kings XI Punjab and Gujarat Titans, which also featured Preity Zinta. But the ex-couples are undoubtedly no longer together, as Georgia stated in a recent interview. Prior to their split, Giorgia claimed that their lack of common interests was the reason for their separation. “She responded, “We were friends; we were like best friends.”. I will have feelings for him forever. I’ll always follow through. However, she also mentioned that she and Arbaaz were aware that “it wouldn’t last forever.”

Was Malaika Arora the main reason behind Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani’s breakup?

Source: Malaika Arora Instagram

The report continued by saying that Arbaaz and Shura first met while working on the set of his next movie, “Patna Shukla,” which may be released in 2024.

Giorgia, meanwhile, disclosed the real reason for their split in an interview, blaming a lack of common interests as a major contributing factor. She underlined the value of shared interests in a partnership, but Arbaaz and she didn’t share many interests in activities or hobbies, which made their relationship difficult.

Giorgia continued by revealing that she and Arbaaz remained friends even after their romantic relationship ended. She mentioned how much she still liked him and how they still joked together. Giorgia remarked that although people usually remain resentful and don’t talk much after a breakup, she and Arbaaz are still in contact and maintain a healthy relationship.

Malaika Arora is not involved in the breakup of Georgia and Arbaaz Khan.

Who is Shura Khan?

Shura Khan

Shura Khan is a Bollywood makeup artist, according to reports. In the Bollywood community, Shura is well-known for having done makeup for numerous actors and actresses. Nevertheless, since Shura is not active on social media, there isn’t a lot of publicly accessible information about her. Actors such as Raveena Tandon and her daughter, Rasha Thadani, have hired Shura.

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