Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection in India. How much Khichdi 2 movie earned.

Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection

Let’s explore the realm of the Khichdi 2 movie box office collection. A medium-budget movie called Khichdi 2 was shown in 1,000 theaters. Making a name for itself in a crowded field of highly competitive big-budget
movies is a notable accomplishment. Khichdi 2’s box office receipts have been very pleasing.

khichidi 2 box office collection

Khichdi 2 Summary

Khichdi’s career started with a stage production and progressed to a popular TV show and, ultimately, a film. Fans’ strong demand led to the Khichdi 2 movie’s release on the big screen. The film features a powerful performance by Supriya Pathak, an actress renowned for her distinct ability to elicit laughter from her audience. Babuji’s actors, Rajeev Mehta, Praful, and Angad, have also done their characters justice. Not to be overlooked, Jamnadas Majethia, the producer, also appears in the movie.

Let’s discuss Khichdi 2 box office Collections

Day 1: Considering the film’s budget, Khichdi 2 collection of the first day haul of around ₹1.01 crores was respectable.

Day 2: With over a crore in revenue, Khichdi 2 maintained its strong box office performance. Audiences appear to be responding favorably to it.

Day 3: Khichdi 2 is expected to hold its earnings after a strong opening weekend at the box office. According to reports, by the third day, it might have made about ₹0.60 crores.

Day 4: Despite the positive reviews the movie got at first, box office receipts on the fourth day fell to just ₹0.40 Cr.

Day 5: With a collection of ₹0.35 Cr on the fifth day, Khichdi 2’s box office earnings show a slight decline.

Day by day box office collection table for Khichdi 2 movie

IndiaNet Collection
Day 1 (First Friday)₹ 1.1 Cr
Day 2 (first Saturday)₹ 1.35 Cr
Day 3 (first Sunday)₹0.60 Cr
Day 4 (first Monday)₹0.39 Cr
Day 5:(first Tuesday)₹0.35 Cr
Total Collection3.74 Cr

Khichdi 2 Movie comedy + emotion

Despite being a comedy, every character in Khichdi 2 movie has been created with the intention of making you laugh. Every one of them adds to the humor, turning each scene into a riot that will definitely make the audience laugh. However, there are new elements in Khichdi 2 that may arouse your emotions as well.

PM Modi’s Response to Khichdi 2 Movie

The original version of this film was released back when Gujarat’s Chief Minister, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi, held that position. In actuality, he had watched it at the theater. This time, the producers have also sent him the movie’s trailer.

Khichdi 2 Movie overall budget

According to reports, Khichdi 2’s budget is estimated to be in the range of 15 crores. It fits the description of a moderately budgeted movie, given this amount.

Khichdi 2 Movie Star Cast

Actor / ActressCharacter
Supriya Pathak KapurHansa Praful Parekh
Rajeev MehtaPraful Tulsidas Parekh
Imam Kha Ke ThukImam Kha Ke Thuk (double role)
Anang DesaiTulsidas Parekh (Babuji)
Flora SainiHerself (Special appearance)
Paresh GanatraMakhanwala (Special appearance)
Kiku ShardaRobot (Special appearance)
Farah KhanHerself (Special appearance)
Pratik GandhiPilot (Special appearance)
Anant Vidhaat SharmaKushal, TIA (Thodi Intelligent Agency) agent
Kirti KulhariParminder Kaur Seth, Himanshu’s wife
Jamnadas MajethiaHimanshu Chandrakant Seth
Vandana PathakJayshree Bharat Parekh
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