When will Wipro start onboarding 2022-2023 candidates? Sad news for joiners|

What is Wipro?


Wipro is a multinational tech giant around the world. Wipro was established on December 29, 1945, by Mohammad Premji. It was situated in Amalner town. Amalner is a town in Maharashtra’s Jalgoan district. After the death of Mohamed Premji, his son, Azim Premji, became the Chairperson of Wipro at the age of just 21.

How many candidates were hired in 2022?

Every year, this MNC conducts hiring for engineering graduates of B.E./B.Tech. and M.E./M.Tech. The hiring process contains two phases in a single year. This phase is nothing but a quarter of a year. In the year 2022, this tech giant hired approximately 247073 candidates.

Wipro onboarding offer to joiners

The company offers the Elite and Turbo hiring programs to recent graduates. Elite gives the option to take the Project Engineer role, which pays the employee a salary of Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum, which is quite low as compared to the Turbo program.

Wipro’s Turbo program offers typically 6.5 lakh per annum to the candidates, which is pretty high for a fresher.

Freshmen awaiting onboarding are asked by the company to accept offers with a 50% pay cut.

Candidates who are still awaiting onboarding are starting to lose interest. Numerous applicants have begun to prepare for interviews with other firms or have joined multinational corporations such as Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, or TCS.

Wipro said, “Like others in our sector, we continue to access global economies and customer needs, which are taken into consideration when making hiring decisions.” It stated, “We are grateful for your perseverance and dedication as we work to find you a joining opportunity.”

The onboarding process for these positions will begin in March 2023, and if an applicant decides to accept the new offer, all prior offers will be nullified.

What offer did Wipro make to the joiners?

The IT major reportedly stated that if a candidate decides not to accept the lower-paid option and instead hangs onto their initial offer of Rs 6.5 lakh per year, the company will not be able to “commit to a joining date.”

This current offer gives candidates an instant chance to launch their careers, develop their expertise, and pick up new skills through our engaging and creative work, as well as our comprehensive learning and
development programs—and we strive to honour all outstanding offers made, it continued.

What mail did Wipro send to candidates?

The company responded to the letter requesting comment by saying, “We had to adjust our onboarding plans in light of the changing macro environment and, as a result, our business needs.”

Wipro sent candidates an email on September 4th with the following content: “We totally understand your onboarding journey with us has been delayed because of our business demand. We also recognize that it has been some time since we sent an offer letter. We are writing this email to see if you are still interested in joining the company. If you want to remain on our list of active candidates, please complete the survey by September 10, 2023.”


Wipro didn’t reply to the survey email that was sent on September 4th until a few days later. October 30 is the date that the company replied to our service email, stating, “Thank you for participating in the Wipro survey from September 2023. We have recorded your response and are delighted that you are interested in joining Wipro.


What is PJP?

The candidates must complete their PjP (Pre-Joining Program) in accordance with the mail; the specific time will be posted in the upcoming months. Here, Wipro stated that PjP would be completed in the upcoming month, requiring the candidate to wait an additional period of time.

Wipro currently holds all onboarding, as they do not have a confirmed date for onboarding. Due to margin pressures, recessionary concerns, and an unpredictable demand climate, Wipro has decided to postpone the
onboarding of the 2022 graduating class by several months.

Nobody is sure if the recession, the wars in Israel and Palestine, the Ukraine and Russia, or both are to blame for Wipro’s onboarding.

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