The Manny: Watch on Netflix, best comedy film to watch on Netflix in 2024

The Manny is a funny movie from Germany. It’s about a very busy and mean person who sells houses. One day, he has to take care of his two kids by mistake.

Clemens is a dad who needs someone to help take care of his two mischievous kids. But no one wants to because the kids are very difficult to handle. Clemens is also busy with his job, where he wants to tear down a building, but the people who live there don’t want that to happen. One of the angry residents, Rolf, comes to talk to Clemens, but Clemens mistakes him for a nanny. Rolf sees this as a chance to stop Clemens from tearing down the building, so he pretends to be the nanny. The kids give Rolf a hard time at first, but he wins them over with his silly and kind personality. Rolf realizes that the kids act out because their dad is never around. To help bring the family closer, Rolf tries to show Clemens that there are more important things in life than just money.

The Manny

You can watch The Manny on Netflix or other streaming services on the internet.

Yes, you can watch The Manny on Netflix.

Jimena has a lot of things going on in her life. She has three kids to take care of, she wants to become the president of her company, and she’s dealing with her almost ex-husband. But then she meets Gaby, who is really nice and helps take care of her kids.

You can watch The Manny on Netflix.

You may watch the TV series The Manny on Netflix.. Netflix has a lot of other shows and movies too. They let you decide if you want to change, make it cheaper, or stop paying for Netflix whenever you want.

To watch the series on Netflix, you need to do a few things. First, go to Then, you have to pick how much money you want to pay each month. There are three options: $6.99, $15.49, or $22.99. After that, you need to make an account by putting in your email and making a password. Finally, you have to give them your payment information.

The Premium plan is the most expensive and also doesn’t have ads. You can watch on four devices at once, with the highest quality picture. You can download shows on six devices and share your account with two people who don’t live with you. It also supports special sound effects.

The Manny: Movie Genre


  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Family

The Manny: Cast

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