Superstar Vijayakanth has passed away at the age of 71. Vijayakanth death due to covid??

Vijayakanth Death: Vijayakanth, a great leader, got sick with the coronavirus and went to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he passed away because of the sickness. The hospital confirmed this sad news.

A person who had permission to go to the hospital for treatment for pneumonia came and died without getting better, despite the doctors’ best efforts. This is what the hospital report says.

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In this special place, there are leaders and workers who are coming to visit Vijayakant’s home.

Vijayakanth has been going to hospitals for treatment for many years because his body is getting weaker.

Last month, Vijayakant, who was given permission to go home from the hospital, returned home on the 11th. He also joined the group of his party.

On Tuesday, Vijayakanth went to the hospital for a check-up because he was feeling sick again. The party he belongs to said that he had to go for a special medical examination.

In this situation, he is tired. His body is lying down in a special bed at the hospital.

Leaders are confused due to Vijayakanth death

Vijaykanth Death

Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. On Vijayakanth death, he said that he was very saddened by the death of a famous Tamil actor named Vijayakanth. Vijayakanth was loved by many people because of his great acting skills. He was also a very important leader in the politics of Tamil Nadu, and he worked very hard to serve the people. His death is a big loss, and it is difficult to accept. Narendra Modi considered Vijayakanth a close friend, and they had a strong friendship for many years. In this sad time, Narendra Modi expresses his deep condolences to Vijayakanth’s family, fans, and followers.

In Tamil, a person named Tamilisai Soundararajan, who is a leader in Telangana and Pondicherry, shared on his Twitter page that he was very sad to hear the news of the Vijayakanth death of a brave and talented captain named Mr. Vijayakanth. He said that Mr. Vijayakanth was a good actor, a good political leader, a good person, and a good brother, and we have lost a good person said on Vijayakanth death.

Once upon a time, there was a leader named Balakrishnan who was the head of a political party called the Communist Party. When he spoke about his concerns, he said that when he was the leader of the opposition in Parliament, he had the opportunity to talk and interact with the ruling party leader. He was someone who could speak honestly and bravely, just like an ordinary person. Sometimes, he had to go through difficult times and face challenges, but he always tried to find solutions. However, despite his efforts, he couldn’t protect himself from some troubles that came along with his role. He mentioned his deep disappointment with the Marxist Communist Party, which was our party.

Kavi Vairamuthu obituary on Vijayakanth death

Vijayakanth death: I met a very talented artist. He sang my song beautifully, and he also became friends with my long-time friend. He explained to me how mountains are formed, but then he disappeared. He was great in movies and politics. He managed to balance both without any problems.

There were two famous people named Kalaignar and Jeyalalitha. After they passed away, many people started thinking about politics. When they were still alive, they both held the position of leader in a political party. One person from Madurai took over their position.

Vijaykanth never hides anything from me. He tells me things about leaders that I like. I can learn from him about intelligence and wisdom. I can’t go to his temple because the artist told me I can’t be there with others.

MS Bhaskar Reaction on Vijayakanth death

“I don’t know what to say, on Vijayakanth death” actor M.S. Bhaskar remarked. Everyone knows that Vijayakanth death is inevitable. I’ve been receiving food and calls from Annan Vijayakanth for a few days. He has given me a lot of movie recommendations. These days, without him, I don’t understand anything. What a kind soul.

He was robust, vigorous, and extremely dignified. I am sitting here hearing the news of Vijayakanth death, even though I was there and saw it all. I’m not sure if I will have the guts to go see him right now because he reminds me of my mother. You could say, “Go back and be our captain.” Actor MS Bhaskar said, “As a fan of his, I offer tearful tributes at his feet.”

“Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Capt. Vijayakanth, founder of National Progressive Dravida Kazhagam Party, former Legislative Assembly member, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, and film actor,” Congress MP Karthi Chidambaram wrote in his obituary.

I remember him being close to me; the memories are still vivid. My sincere condolences go out to Annarath’s family, supporters, party officials, and the broader public. I ask God to grant her soul a peaceful rest.”

Vijayakanth made progress in the movie and in politics.

In 2005, the National Progressive Dravida Kazhagam was established. In Tamil Nadu, which was ruled by Dravidian parties like DMK and AIADMK, DMK was a new alternative.

Proclaiming his candidacy as a substitute for the DMK and AIADMK, Vijayakanth ran independently and without an alliance in the 2006 Assembly and 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

In the 2006 assembly elections, held just a year after the party’s founding, he received 8.4% of the vote. He received 10.3% of the votes in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

However, he entered coalition politics after that. The Democratic Party’s support base broke at that point. The DMV received 5.1% of the vote in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, compared to 7.9% in the 2011 assembly elections. In the assembly elections of 2016, it received 2.4% of the vote; in the Lok Sabha elections of 2021, it received 0.43%.

How did Vijayakanth transform from Vijayaraj?

The son of rice mill owner Alagarswamy was born on August 25, 1952, in Tirumangalam, Madurai district. Vijayakanth, also known as Vijayaraj, was raised there. Vijayakanth didn’t really care about his studies; instead, he and his friends went to the theater every day. G. I once watched a movie called R.”He once developed an interest in movies so that he could illustrate each scene in MGR’s films. Vijayakanth then made the decision to travel to Chennai and film the movie.” That’s what those close to him say.

His reception in Tamil cinema was delayed until he moved to Chennai. Due to his race—black—Vijayakanth encountered numerous rejections everywhere he went.

Through persistent work, M. A. He began his film career in 1979, appearing in Kaja’s “Inikkum Ihla.”

Since Rajinikanth was at the height of his fame at the time, M. A. Kaja changed his name to Vijayakanth by adding Kanth to Vijayaraj. This was because he dislikes the name Vijayaraj.

Vijayakanth holds several records in the movie business.

In 1979, he made his screen debut in the Tamil film “Inikkum Ihla”. The 1980 release of “Thurattu Idi Moogkam” and the 1981 release of “Chattam Oru Iruttarai” helped him establish a reputation. Because of his popularity in the countryside, Vijayakanth gained notoriety as the “black MGR” thanks to his role in the films. His early political successes were a result of this support.

He was given the title of Captain after the 1991 film “Captain Prabhakaran” became a box office success. “Chinna Counter,” released in 1992, was a pivotal movie in his cinematic career.

He received the 2001 Kalaimamani Award from the Tamil Nadu government. The 2002 film “Ramana” earned him the Tamil Nadu Government Film Award.

With over 150 films to his credit, including “Vaidegi Ukhtaal,” “Uzhavan Makan,” “Captain Prabhakaran,” “Vanath Bola,” “Tavasi,” and “Ramana,” Vijayakanth set a record in 1984 by appearing in 18 different movies in a single year.

Supervisor S.A. The greatest number of Vijayakanth films were directed by Chandra Shekhar and Rama Narayanan. They tend to gather collections frequently.

That was the only actor who introduced 54 new directors.

Producer Siva once said, “Actor Vijayakanth introduced 54 new directors in his film career. No one else in world cinema would have done this. He gave opportunity to many new producers and technicians.”

“He is the one who introduced me as a producer through the film ‘Cholva Tehva Prachay.’ Producer D. Shiva.

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